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As a writer of books, and a wide variety of bible-study notes and magazine articles, I am also invited to teach and share at a range of events, my passion being to inspire, equip and disciple believers in their ongoing walk with God.

In short, I just love God’s Word, and am driven to help make it relevant and applicable to others. In fact, my work, purpose and productivity are continually inspired and guided by Nehemiah 8:8 : “…they read from the Book of the Law of God, making it clear and giving the meaning so that the people could understand what was being read.’ (NIV)

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Restoring the Balance

My Latest Book for women, available from CWR, as well as Amazon and Christian Bookshops

Have you ever felt like the father, desperate for Jesus to heal his son and believing He could, yet so full of doubts, saying – praying – ‘I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief’ (Mark 9:24)?
You believe in the power of prayer or the importance of reading your bible and of letting it read you, you believe God’s love and purpose gives you worth and meaning for life, that He’s calling you to trust Him, share your testimony, or just take time out to rest. BUT….
But you’re disillusioned by unanswered prayer, far too busy to read, you have kids clamoring for your attention all day or demanding bosses and deadlines at work, your social media feed says you’re not good enough, you’ve been battered by rejection, or you simply woke up one morning to find yourself slumped in a barren wasteland; a wilderness of regret, discouragement or fear, where intimacy with God is a long lost dream, or where heavenly realms and spiritual riches seem all too irrelevant to the reality of ‘today’?

Let me walk with you on a journey of restoring the balance between your physical life in this world and your spiritual life in Christ; to release you to fulfil the best of your God-given potential, while allowing God to transform you into a gateway of heaven to all you meet and engage with. In short, let me encourage you that it is still possible to live a Spirit-filled life of overflowing abundance, no matter your season of life.